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Ussery Group Real Estate. A Proud Member of Charter One Realty. 843-757-7712

A Proud Member of Charter One Realty

Marketing Program

In a sea of sameness, the Ussery Group stands out year after year as we continue to build off of a proven marketing platform and lead through innovation.  At the Ussery Group we’ve married time honored values with today’s technology to form an uncommon real estate business.

Our clients enjoy a  marketing platform that is designed to provide maximum exposure and return.  To that end, we employ MARKET DATA, TECHNOLOGY, LOCATION, & SYSTEMS to sell properties for the highest price in the shortest period of time possible.


Clearly, we can’t read tea leaves or a crystal ball to predict the future.  That said, we do have a comprehensive market analysis system that we use to analyze market dynamics and property valuations.  Our process includes breaking down absorption rates, demographic trends, comparable inventory analysis, real time sales metrics, and neighborhood dynamics.

Like any product, the markets set the value.  It’s our job to provide the best research available to determine what it will take to sell.  When it’s all said and done, you’ll have tremendous data on the marketplace and your property’s current market value… information with which you can make an informed selling decision.


Technology is rapidly evolving.  While our competitors are content to simply buy a website, we believe in creating a digital communications platform that evolves with technology.  Unlike an online brochure, our site is designed to showcase dynamic content with key conversion points that provide value to guests and/or prospects looking for real estate in Hilton Head and Bluffton.


As a Partner of Charter One Realty, the #1 real estate company in the Lowcountry, clients of the Ussery Group enjoy unmatched exposure with our 11 offices including three located on highway 278 at the entrances to Berkeley Hall, Belfair, Colleton River, and another office at the entrance to Oldfield off of highway 170.  Over 2.5M vacationers visit Hilton Head each year, and we’re uniquely positioned to intercept and engage those who decide that Lowcountry living just might be for them.


Whether it’s outbound communication systems with prospective owners, internal communication systems with listing clients, or tried and true direct mail, call campaigns, and networking… systems are fundamental to any successful real estate business.  We’re fortunate to have a fantastic team of professionals who share a common vision for excellence and results.


Before a film ever reaches the set, each scene in the movie is laid out in a storyboard.  In other words, a storyboard graphically provides a visual layout of events as they are to be seen through the camera lens.  The Ussery Group applies the same underlying concept to real estate, only we craft the story as seen by your prospective buyer.

Every property, home or homesite, has a story.  There are multiple mediums we use to tell the story (Print, Brochures, Direct Mail, E Blasts, Web Tours, Videos… etc).  The real key, however, is to remember that it’s really not about the property.  It’s about the buyer.

We tell stories that focus on ‘the benefit of the benefit’.  You see, a feature is a feature, is a feature.  But a benefit is an intimate conversation over a glass of wine on the veranda while the sun sets.  A benefit are the emotions and memories of a crackling fire in the fireplace while the children or grandchildren open their presents on Christmas morning.

With our marketing we always keep in mind that, “It’s never relevant until it’s personal.”