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Most buyers gravitate to the Lowcountry with visions of ancient live oaks, winding rivers, pristine beaches, and vibrant marsh flats. Many have a particular ideal setting in mind – a setting that showcases the water. Not just water views or proximity… but rather a deep water dock behind their home.

Waterfront living with a deep water dock is indeed special, and surprisingly rare for our market. With a fixed supply of coastline (how’s that for pointing out the obvious?) and a finite number of permits for deep water docks, the limited inventory typically means elevated valuations.

Today, however, buyers can pick up a deep water homesite with a dock (and/or a dock permit) at huge reductions from market peaks for anywhere from $275,000 to north of $1M between Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head. We’ve been studying this market carefully and can outline the best buys in all three markets.

For those looking for a fishing outpost in the Beaufort area with a deep water dock we can recommend 4 best buys ranging from $275K to $389K… each with huge waterfront views and private docks. With today’s construction opportunities, you can have a home built and enjoy a waterfront cottage (with deep water dock) for anywhere from $500K to $600K… all in.

If you’d prefer to be on Hilton Head Island, there are a number of attractive homesites in Spanish Wells where buyers can pick up properties with over an acre on the intercostal for $1M to $1.5M ~ 1/3 of what they sold for at the peak of the market.

There is a sleeper of a deal on Myrtle Island that has flown under the radar for a waterfront buyer in Bluffton. The home is a tear down, but is flanked by beautiful Lowcountry homes and would be the perfect location for a Bluffton River Cottage. It is currently listed for $499K.

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