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Hilton Head Island real estate is unquestionably experiencing a rebound.  After 5 years of sliding values, we’re seeing inventories drop and the market shore up in many communities.

It’s interesting, however, to note the changes from the height of the market to today.  We took two 24 month periods (05/06 & the last 24 months) and briefly compared the two…


05/06 Market:

  • 2,081 Home Sales
  • Average Sale Price: $954K
  • High: $9.2M – Double Oceanfront (Lot) in Sea Pines
  • Low: $145K – Fish Haul (Mitchelville)

10/10 – 10/12 Market:

  • 1,375 Home Sales
  • Average Sale Price: $642K
  • High: $6.5M (spectacular) Oceanfront Home in Sea Pines
  • Low: $4,950 – Mitchelville
Timing is everything… and if you’re buying real estate today, your timing is perfect!   And for those of you who care less about the data but would like to get a flavor for what $6.5M buys these days….