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Per the Hilton Head / Bluffton MLS, buyers in our region absorbed homes more quickly in June as Months Supply of Inventory was down 26.3 percent to 13.0 months. In another positive sign, New Listings decreased 21.7 percent to 403. Additionally, Pending Sales were up 25.1 percent (over last June) to 284! Inventory levels shrank 19.6 percent to 3,068 units, but even choosy buyers can still find top-notch homes.

While the market is showing positive signs of momentum there are a few communities in particular that are really heating up. These communities have one key element in common – their membership model.

In Oldfield and Hampton Hall, property owners can enjoy an amenity community at the level (and cost) that best suits their particular interests and/or lifestyle. In other words, the membership model is a la carte. By allowing property owners to select their desired level of membership, the range of potential buyers is substantial and the market’s reponse has been overwhelming over the last 90 days.

In just 90 days, there have been Fifty-Five (55) properties purchased in Oldfield and Hampton Hall! With the psychographic shift in terms of buyer preferences, we’re forecasting this trend to persist. Buyers looking to enjoy ownership in one of these (a la carte membership) communities would do well to review the existing inventory in the near term as the low hanging fruit is being picked over.

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