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We’re asked about “the best” community, golf course, or property on a fairly frequent basis when it comes to Hilton Head and Bluffton real estate.  Our answer: “what’s your favorite flavor ice cream?”

Outside of selecting a husband or wife, selecting a property, home, and/or community is one of the most subjective endeavors you’ll encounter.

Please don’t confuse this position to suggest that there aren’t a multitude of folks who will quickly suggest a “good/better/best” breakdown of Clubs, communities, and properties.  That will always be the case.  No, we’re just suggesting that it’s far more about you than it is about the place or the thing.

Our job isn’t to tell you what’s the best.  Our job is to listen.  Listen to your ideals, your experiences, and your goals… and then help you navigate the landscape of opportunity to find the right FIT.

Real estate is a personal endeavor… and we’re here to marshal our 40 plus years of experience to connect you with the perfect community and property for YOU.

So the next time someone tells you that a particular community or property is the best… just smile and thank them for their perspective.  Then give us a call and let us know what matters to you.  At the Ussery Group, it’s personal.