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Thinking about moving to Palmetto Bluff?

Whether it’s the natural beauty of the Lowcountry, the modern amenities of the town, or the close sense of community–or all three–we get it: Palmetto Bluff is a dream home destination.

Before you make the move, it’s worth your while to explore the differences between Palmetto Bluff’s residential community. While residents of all enjoy the distinctive lifestyle and scenery of Palmetto Bluff, each community comes with varying perks and proximities. Read on to learn more about which one is right for you.

River Road:

Front of home with white picket fence during sunset

This close-knit residential community is best for those looking to make a permanent move: it’s not eligible for short-term rentals. Homeowners in River Road enjoy a convenient location that’s equidistant from the other Palmetto Bluff communities of Wilson and Moreland Village.

River Road boasts a unified aesthetic that is rich in natural beauty. Granite curbs and brick sidewalks along its roads contribute to a classic Lowcountry feel. The architecture of River Road homes incorporates classic, period details, lending the area an elegant design that balances the unique character of each home with an overall traditional look.

The River Road Preserve Trail offers one of the most stunning and secluded natural retreats in the area. (Think oak trees draped in Spanish moss, shade-covered landscapes, and a fresh water path.)

Residents of River Road also form part of a true neighborhood community. Its member-only pool and fitness center offers a fun home base for River Road friends. There are also available gathering spaces for social meet-ups at the Lodge–whether it’s a Bible study, a book club, a weekly gathering or a good old-fashioned party.  A dog park, a playground, and lounge area can be found at the Lodge as well, and River Road residents also maintain a thriving community  garden.

Prices in River Road range from $815,000 to $3M for home ownership.


Wood house with large wraparound porch

This Palmetto Bluff community is a great home base for all things family and fun. Homeowners and renters alike can access amenities like Coles— a bowling alley and a game room–and the Canteen, where you can get a cup of coffee and a soup, salad, or sandwich while enjoying a pool day. (One pool is adult-friendly, one kid-friendly, making the Canteen a popular spot for family-friend get-togethers.)

The Moreland Pavilion is a one-of-a-kind concert venue that also hosts the ever-popular member-only oyster roasts. Bands and artists that have performed at the Pavilion range from Daws, Midland, and the Blues Brother to Collective Soul and members of Lady Antebellum.

Moreland families have plenty of opportunities to explore Lowcountry natural settings. The community has been described as a place where forest, marsh, and waterways all meet. You and your family can kayak, fly fish, and stroll among the oaks, enjoying South Carolina’s temperate climate and outdoor offerings.

Moreland architecture is known for its contemporary flair. Its charming yet luxurious homes combine traditionally grounded, classically Palmetto design with modern amenities and accents— it’s often described as giving a “nod to the contemporary.” Some Moreland homes are eligible for short-term rentals, and young families in particular have found this community to be a good fit in the past. Prices range from $275,000 to $1M for homesites and $1M and up for homes.

Wilson Village:

Park area with brick paths and oak trees

This Palmetto Village community is quintessential Lowcountry. Its homes feature classic Southern architecture and are set among lush, elegant natural settings, including century-old live oaks.

Wilson was the first town established in Palmetto Bluff and still features a range of preserved historical buildings.  The charming May River Chapel is one, offering clear views of the river that extends beyond its grounds. Boutique and historically inspired shops line Wilson Village’s downtown area. The 2.2-mile Wilson Village Trail loops through the community, showcasing its charm, amenities, and relaxing outdoor scenery.

All homes in Wilson Village are eligible for short-term ownership. They are also within walking distance of classic Palmetto restaurants like Buffalo’s, a popular gathering spot that features outdoor seating and meals cooked primarily from local ingredients.  Nearby Wilson’s Landing is a favorite riverfront spot that’s ideal for kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and boating. Wilson Village homes are also close to RT’s Market and other Montage amenities.

The strong sense of community in Wilson Village lends itself to “front porch living” along the winding banks of the May River. Homes here range from $1.3M to $3M.

Still can’t decide which of Palmetto’s Bluff residential communities is best for you and your family? We can help you narrow your options down. Browse our available listings or contact us to learn more.