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Working from home has become the new norm across thousands of businesses worldwide, and for good reason. Not only does operating in a home office make you more productive, but it also makes things more convenient. However, it can be challenging to reap these benefits if you don’t have the perfect home office space already set up.

Fortunately, there are three easy ways you can start working more efficiently from the comforts of home:

1.      Use the Right Room

Assess the room you’re using as your current home office. If you haven’t designated a space for your home office yet, you’ll want to pick one with the following in mind:

  • Separation from Living Areas – The room you choose as your office space should be separated from your home’s living areas so you can avoid distractions. Ideally, the office should have a door—or some type of room separator—and should be quiet compared to the rest of the house.
  • Natural Lighting – To avoid the bothersome headaches that come with eye strain, you’ll want to have a space that offers plenty of natural lighting. Try to opt for a room that has a window. If you don’t have a room available with a window that you can convert into a home office, don’t worry; ambient lights can work just as well.
  • Internet Access – If you plan on relying on the internet to complete work tasks (as most work-from-home employees do), you’ll want to pick a room in your home that is near your router or has an ethernet plug available to connect directly.
  • Space – Finally, you’ll need a home office that has plenty of space for you to spread out to work. This includes furniture like an office desk and chair, a computer, storage solutions, and more. The space should also have enough room for air to circulate and maintain a comfortable temperature. The last thing you want is to feel cramped and hot during those South Carolina summers!

Of course, if you’re in the market for a new house, these are all factors you should consider if you plan on working from home for the long-term. Our team is always happy to help you find an abode in the Lowcountry that can meet these needs!

2.      Decorate Wisely

(Photo Courtesy of Unsplash)

Once you have figured out what part of your home you’re going to set up shop in, it’s time to decorate (which is arguably the most fun part of setting up a home office).

However, it’s important not to go overboard with the décor. (Bright yellow wallpaper may sound nice in theory, but think about how distracting it can be, both for yourself and participants in your next Zoom meeting!)

Here are a few key things you’ll want to focus on while decorating your office to ensure you’re set up for success:

  • Wall Color – Believe it or not, colors can impact our mindset, regardless of if we’re in a traditional office or at home. If you’re planning on repainting or putting wallpaper up, remember that light and airy colors or natural/earth tones are often best for producing calming effects. (And yes, that means you’ll definitely need to skip the bright yellow.)
  • Office Furniture – Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic chair; your back will thank you later. You’ll also want a nice desk that offers plenty of storage options for things like office supplies, files, and more. (If you’re particularly health-conscious, standing desks work too.)
  • Décor – Of course, although you’re using this space as a home office, there’s no harm in making it yours or giving it that classic Lowcountry look. Add a few houseplants here and there (greenery has been shown to increase productivity), or hang up a few of your favorite art pieces. It’ll make you feel more comfortable and at home—even if you’re there to work.

Don’t forget that you’ll be looking at a lot of these things up to 40 hours a week (sometimes even more). Choose your décor wisely.

3.      Get Organized

Finally, to create a great home office to work efficiently in, you’ll need to channel your inner Marie Kondo:

  • Tidy Up Wires – A bunch of tangled wires running to and from your desk can be an eyesore—and a safety hazard if you have to keep stepping over them—so why not tidy them up? Invest in a pack of cable management sleeves to keep them all together and away from view.
  • Incorporate Storage Solutions – Find storage tools that can help you keep loose papers, files, and office supplies in one place. This can be in the form of a nice bookshelf, filing cabinet, or cubes—use what will work best for the space you have.
  • Clear Off Your Desk – Avoid having too many things on your desk; ideally, the only things that should be there are your computer or laptop, any writing utensil you frequently use, a notepad for notes, and a phone if your job requires you to have one. Keep everything else you don’t need on a daily basis tucked away.

Not only will keeping things neat in your home office make it look nice—it’ll make you more productive too.

While all the above tips are perfect for creating a home office you’ll come to love, finding the right  home is an essential first step. If you’re in the market for a house in the Lowcountry that can provide the office space you need—plus access to the best after-hours activities in the country—contact our team today!


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