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For those looking to relocate, you can’t go wrong with living in the Lowcountry. Preferences vary, but as one of the most gorgeous seaside areas in the country, there is more than enough beauty and character on the South Carolina coast to make anyone happy to call the Lowcountry home. Before packing up your boxes and scheduling the moving truck, it’s important to decide which town in the Lowcountry best fits your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when deciding between Bluffton and Hilton Head homes.


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Hilton Head gives residents a fantastic sense of community. With over 15,000 more people than Bluffton, though, one is more likely to find camaraderie from their recreational or social activities. For those that prefer more tight-knit communities and small-town sentiments, Bluffton may be a better fit. Though growing quickly, Bluffton is a charmingly small town— complete with an idyllic downtown square nestled on the May River. Bluffton is one of the few southern small towns that still make it feel possible for every person in the community to know one another. Consider the type of community best suited to you and your family. You can expect friendly neighbors and smiling faces in both Hilton Head and Bluffton. This is the south, after all. When it comes to the size and pace of your dream town, though, there are distinct differences between the two.


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Culture, Recreation, and Entertainment

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From miles of beautiful beaches to 24 championship golf courses, it’s impossible to get bored in Hilton Head. It’s no wonder that this town is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Catch a Broadway play at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina or take a boat out of the Shelter Cove Marina and enjoy some Atlantic fishing. Hilton Head offers a surplus of restaurants with beautiful beach views and plenty of shops offering retail therapy for people with all different tastes. Living in Hilton Head is like living life on vacation. Bluffton moves at a slower pace, but there’s still plenty to do in this riverside refuge. Bluffton is home to many regional artists and has a thriving art and cultural community. The Maye River Gallery is tucked right in the middle of Old Town Bluffton and showcases artwork from some of the best local Lowcountry painters. With miles of lush and marshy trails and many ways to access the May and Colleton Rivers, there is plenty of outdoor entertainment for residents of Bluffton, as well.

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Family Life

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Do you have school-aged children or is your nest newly empty? Is your free time with family limited to weekends or are you newly retired and looking for fresh experiences? Are you searching for stability or adventure? Hilton Head and Bluffton both make excellent hometowns for people in all stages of life, but our families affect our priorities and may make one town a better fit for you. When it comes down to it, home is where the heart is. And our hearts lie with our family and the happiness we get from being in their presence. Bluffton offers a slower-paced lifestyle that presents more opportunities for quality time during the week. A small town may work best for families with school-aged children and all the full-time responsibilities that can come with that busy stage in life. The proximity to schools and tight-knit community make hectic day-to-day duties feel less hurried. Bluffton’s rich history, charming aesthetic, and low-impact outdoor activities make it great for retired couples looking to relax, as well. Don’t worry, there are plenty of day-trip destinations for those looking for more Lowcountry adventure. If you are on the other end of the spectrum, Hilton Head may be a better fit for your family. Newly retired couples and empty nesters on the hunt for hobbies and recreational pursuits may find the abundance of activities in Hilton Head to be more appropriate. Young adult or college-aged children are more likely to find fun during their stay with you in a town with a faster pace and more dynamic routine. If you dream of hosting family holidays and vacations, there’s no better lure for out-of-town guests than your own personal resort in Hilton Head.

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Finding Your Home…

Bluffton and Hilton Head may offer different routines for residents, but they are both perfect for the picturesque lifestyle of your choosing. No matter the town, we know one thing for certain: nothing compares to life in the Lowcountry. Contact us today and let’s find the perfect Lowcountry home for you and your family!