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Judging a book by its cover may be superficial, but shoppers do it all the time. We find this to be especially true in the world of real-estate. When updating your home to sell, concentrate on areas outside the house to have buyers clamoring to get a look inside. Growing your home’s curb appeal is crucial. Though it sounds intimidating, thankfully revamping the outside of your home is simple and straightforward. Make a great first impression by focusing on the following factors.

Small Details

view of house lit up

Appeal to buyers, by thinking like buyers. When spending all day in and out of our homes, life becomes a routine, and we may overlook the details. Start paying attention to small improvements you can make to the exterior of your home. There are often many areas that can be enhanced with just a can of paint. Look for bannisters, bars, or railings with chipped or peeling paint. Many families dream of a white picket fence, but it can be hard to see that dream with a damaged or dingy paint job. A fresh coat can make a world of difference in the overall aesthetic of your home.

front view of home at dusk

pathway leading through yard

Pay attention to paths and walkways as well. Any obvious cracks or uneven paths should be repaired. Add some potted plants or other outdoor décor to both sides of your walkway. Finding ways to enrich the symmetry of your home will make the exterior façade feel connected and purposeful.

Landscaping and Lawncare

view of home

Landscaping and lawncare are imperative to a home’s curb appeal. This doesn’t always necessitate a complete overhaul but paying attention to the greenery that surrounds your home can make a huge impact on the opinions of future buyers.

Layering your landscaping is a great way to add depth to a small front yard and gives the appearance of more space. To layer your landscaping, make sure the garden beds extend five to six feet out from the foundation of your house. Arrange the taller plants and hedges in the back, layer a shorter group in the middle, and the smallest plants and groundcovers in the front. Tie the layers and beds of your garden together by using a common color throughout the landscaped areas to keep them looking cohesive instead of chaotic.

driveway leading to house

It’s not always essential to completely restore your yard. If totally redefining your home’s landscaping is too big of a job to undertake, at least make sure the lawn is lush and green. If grass in the front lawn is thin, patchy, or uneven, spread some seed throughout the grass and water vigorously. Make sure to fertilize and water it religiously for a gorgeous lawn that keeps buyers from thinking the grass may be greener somewhere else.


front view of white colored home

Consider adding a bit of playful color to the outside of your home to make it more memorable. Vibrant shudders or gorgeously stained front doors often captivate and engage passersby. Bland color palettes can bore buyers, but if daring tones tend to terrify you, there are other ways to add splashes of color to your house. Contemplate planting bright flowers or other greenery to make your home pop and visually engage bystanders.

Porches and Other Outdoor Areas

front porch of home

screened porch

If you have a porch, make sure that accessories like light fixtures and ceiling fans are updated. Don’t let a sprawling front porch lose any of its magic to small problems. Check all of the light bulbs and fittings to ensure the lighting is in working order. If any porches are screened, make sure that there are no holes or blemishes in the aluminum. A front porch is a great asset for which many buyers ask specifically. Just pay close attention to small issues and any possible problems to have your porch looking picture perfect and ready for purchase.

backyard area with pool

The easiest way to draw attention to outside spaces and seating areas is with furniture. There are often many unnoticed places outside of your home that can be used to accommodate guests. Stage these areas with attractive and comfortable furniture to help buyers see how effortless outdoor entertaining can be in your home.

rocking chair on brick path surrounded by greenery

Time spent to increase your home’s curb appeal results in time saved when it’s on the market. In addition to adding character and memorability to your home, sellers who spend time creating a fabulous external experience frequently find themselves fetching a higher price, too. If you’re looking for other ways to easily sell your home, contact us today and make the process painless!