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Keene Reese

Born and raised in Atlanta, Keene’s love for authentic coastal living began well before he stepped foot in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Keene spent the summers of his youth on Mobile Bay fishing, crabbing, shrimping, and boating. His sense of adventure and love of baseball ultimately took him to the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

After four great years in Oxford, Keene returned to Atlanta to accept a position working with the #1 real estate agent in Atlanta for three years while also assembling land deals and learning the residential development business. He was soon recognized by agents in Atlanta as one of the most talented and hard working brokers in the Buckhead market.

In the winter of 2000, Keene felt a pull back to the coast. After careful deliberation, he selected the South Carolina Lowcountry for its climate, geography, and unparalleled lifestyle. It was here Keene connected with Jim Mozley and was hired at Palmetto Bluff as a project manager on the development team. He was fortunate to learn every aspect of the residential development business, from wetland and archaeology delieanation, permitting, entitlements, conservation, roads, water, sewer, curb and gutter, to club structure and even golf course clearing and design. Needless to say, it was an extraordinary opportunity to learn from an industry icon as they developed the last great land treasure on the eastern seaboard.

As Keene transitioned back into real estate sales, he successfully assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers within Palmetto Bluff and has already transacted close to $180,000,000 in business to date.

While Keene has been very successful professionally, he values his faith, family, and friends most. He and his wife Allison have three children, Keene III (16) Lucy (13) and Emma (11). They are very active in the Bluffton Community and Keene’s philosophy on life is to always seize the day, never give up, and simply treat others the way you would like to be treated.

It’s been said that you can judge a man’s character by the company he keeps. At the Ussery Group, Keene and his partners practice “real estate the right way” and hold one another to the highest standards of integrity. Collectively, they’ve sold over a billion dollars of real estate – and they’ve done it the right way.


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