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With the pandemic looming since March, many of us have watched the economy with bated breath while waiting to see how the coronavirus would affect our respective industries. Things were no different in the world of real estate, and there was much speculation about how the coronavirus would affect housing markets in communities like ours.

In Palmetto Bluff, we’re thrilled to report that our business and community have been thriving! We’re grateful for these results and, after speaking with many Palmetto Bluff members, have a few thoughts about the various factors that contributed to this phenomenon.

So, exactly which parts of the pandemic have led to the recent mass exodus from big cities to natural sanctuaries like Palmetto Bluff?

Homes’ Flaws Were Magnified 

After staying at home for months on end, both the pros and the cons of residences were intensified. Yes, we were grateful to have homes to spend our time in…but after spending ALL of our time there, it quickly became apparent that many houses weren’t able to provide all of the things required for the “new normal” of living, working, and even schooling from home.

Overnight, homes were turned into school cafeterias, offices, and everything in between. Problems like a crowded kitchen were considered to be small flaws pre-pandemic, but today they have become huge inconveniences. The appeal of Palmetto Bluff’s larger lot sizes, open floor plan homes, and inviting outdoor spaces has never been stronger!

Extra Space Became a Need—Not a Want

Covid-19 made it even more important for our homes to be ready and able to accept guests, since hotels were not an option for quite a while. If we wanted guests, we had to be able to host guests. As more and more families realized this wasn’t feasible in their current quarters, more and more families have prioritized their new home’s ability to welcome overnight guests over other features.

Many couples are finding now that separate office spaces aren’t just a nice asset, but an imperative feature. Parents have discovered that an open kitchen doesn’t just make for easier entertaining, but also helps their children focus in math class. Today, an ensuite for the guest room isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

City Life Began to Feel Smaller

For many families, square footage is more important than ever. Living in a 900 square foot New York apartment—even if it is close to the best museums in the country—doesn’t work well when you can’t leave that tiny apartment. And those museums? Closed.

When the world shut down, the old real estate adage “location, location, location” took on a whole new meaning. It was suddenly more important than ever to live near the people and places you love. If there’s one thing city-dwellers have realized during the Covid chaos, it’s this: turning your living room into a Broadway theatre is MUCH easier than turning your backyard into one of the most beautiful destinations in the southeastern United States.

Relocation is Easier Today

Once a property’s deficiencies become glaringly obvious, homeowners are faced with a choice: completely remodel or completely relocate? Many families are choosing the latter.

Remote offices are becoming more and more prevalent, and many companies will be sticking with work-from-home models for the long haul. Today, this means that many people who were tied to a company’s physical address just a few months ago are able to evaluate what is really important to them and where they really want to live. Home is where the heart is, and people from all over the country are realizing that the Lowcountry has their hearts.

Palmetto Bluff is BEAUTIFUL

The beach has kept many of us South Carolinians sane in our socially distant world. Nothing makes no-travel advisories more bearable than already living in your ultimate travel destination. Palmetto Bluff affords buyers the opportunity to have a say in their lifestyle. Design a custom home or buy an existing property? Town or Country living? Golfing or fishing? Hiking or biking? Palmetto Bluff is one of the only communities in the country that truly allows people to build a home around their lifestyle preferences.

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During these uncertain times, we feel so blessed to be able to help families from all over the country meet their growing—or shrinking—needs, right here in Palmetto Bluff. We are so happy to have your trust and loyalty as our business and our community continue to expand. It seems people are finally starting to realize what we’ve known all along—Lowcountry living is good for the soul.

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