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Fresh pine straw makes a big impact! | The Ussery Group successfully listed, marketed, and brought the buyer to this home in Palmetto Bluff.


Have you ever wondered exactly where the grass is greener on the other side of that proverbial fence? We think it just might be in the Palmetto Bluff community thanks to the efforts of the folks at The Greenery!

The Greenery—an employee owned and operated business with roots on Hilton Head Island—has been the official provider of commercial landscaping services in Palmetto Bluff since 2005. Established in 1973 by Ruthie and Berry Edwards, The Greenery has grown from a family-owned business with a small staff of six to a company with over 450 employees. They are now one of the largest landscaping companies in the Southeast! Currently headed up by CEO Lee Edwards, The Greenery provides services throughout the Lowcountry, from Savannah to Charleston and points in between.

Recently we spoke with Stuart Grant, horticulturist and Operations Manager for The Greenery in Palmetto Bluff, about some of the pros and cons of Lowcountry landscaping. Stuart has been with The Greenery for a total of 15 years, six of which have been spent at the Palmetto Bluff outpost. Whether your thumb ranges from green to brown, we know you’ll find his advice valuable!

 How to Create a Thriving Lowcountry Landscape Design


Stuart advises that ornamental grasses, different varieties of palms, a handful of evergreen shrubs, and ferns are all sustainable in the Lowcountry. However, he also warns that Lowcountry gardeners need to be careful about the use of ferns as wildlife—specifically deer—can be a problem. He also cautions part-time residents to stay away from flowering plants (looking at you, roses and hydrangeas) as the deer are especially fond of these blooms and have been known to nibble on them.


House with lights on with a large lawn and guest houseBuild yearly maintenance into your landscaping budget to ensure long-lasting results!


“We will still do flowering plants for homeowners if they want them,” said Stuart, “but we will give them a heads up. I’ve tried deer netting and they still eat through it. If you live in Palmetto Bluff full-time and want flowering plants, it works out well. If you are a part-time owner, though, you may want to stay away from flowering plants completely.”


Challenges of Landscaping in the Lowcountry


Aside from the deer/wildlife issue, drainage presents another landscaping challenge due to the flatness of the terrain. With that in mind, selecting the right type of material for your home landscaping is important—especially when it comes to grass. “Here in Palmetto Bluff, ninety-eight percent of the turf grass we use is Empire Zoysia,” said Stuart. “I like it because it’s shade tolerant, although not completely resistant, and handles traffic well. If planted in the shade, you’ll get a year or two with it.” Empire Zoysia is a relatively low-maintenance ground covering, which works out well for part-time residents of Palmetto Bluff. However, Stuart still encourages homeowners to build upkeep, touch-ups, and patching into their lawn maintenance budget for the best results.


3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal


1. Healthy plants are happy plants: Healthy plants are the ticket to boosting the curb appeal of any residence! If you have an older home, landscapers at The Greenery can help evaluate which plants can stick around and which ones should be replaced.

2. Freshen things up: Putting down fresh mulching and pine straw twice per year goes a long way toward freshening up a home’s exterior.

3. Keep up the good work: The Greenery’s generous service agreements include curative fungicides, fertilizers, debris removal, edging, and weekly mowing—everything needed to keep the exterior of your Palmetto Bluff home in yard-of-the-month condition. Plus, their customer service is second to none!


Learn more about The Greenery Palmetto Bluff: www.thegreeneryinc.com/palmetto-bluff | Contact The Greenery’s Palmetto Bluff location: 843-785-3848