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After falling in love with the Lowcountry, your family has decided it’s time to put down permanent roots on the South Carolina coast. You’ve even narrowed down the area you want to live in—Palmetto Bluff, a community defined by natural beauty, world-class amenities, and outdoor-oriented living (from sipping a glass of sweet tea on the porch to taking the boat out for a day of fishing on the May River).

Courtyard of a home in Palmetto BluffImage courtesy of CS Thomas Construction

No doubt about it—you’re looking forward to embracing a vacation state of mind in a more permanent way following your move. The only thing left to determine, in fact, is whether a town or country residence in Palmetto Bluff is best suited to your family’s needs. In order to help you answer the “Town or Country?” question, we’ve put together a list of the defining features of each area of Palmetto Bluff. Read on to determine which location is right for your Palmetto Bluff home or homesite!

Town Living in Palmetto Bluff

Town Residence Palmetto BluffImage courtesy of CS Thomas Construction

If you’re looking for the quintessential southern experience of relaxing on your front porch and waving at familiar faces as they pass by, you’ll find it in town. Charming architecture and easy access to gathering spaces and amenities are both part of the equation. In certain eligible areas of town, residents also have the option of offering their homes as short-term rentals.

Defining Features:

  • Brick sidewalks and gas lanterns
  • Front porch living
  • White picket fences
  • Open community parks
  • Courtyards and gathering spaces
  • Central post office
  • Pools, fitness centers, restaurants, and activities all within walking distance

Country Living in Palmetto Bluff

Ahh. If you’ve been waiting for permission to exhale, country living will give you the go-ahead to relax, unwind, and take deep breaths on a regular basis. Panoramic marsh views, access to pristine maritime forests, and architecture that respects the incredible landscape of the Lowcountry are all part of the package when you purchase a home or homesite in Palmetto Bluff. If you’re interested in offering your home as a short-term rental, country living isn’t for you—this is an option exclusive to town residences. If peace and privacy are your top priorities, though, then allow us to be the first to welcome you home.

Defining Features:

  • Natural, largely undisturbed setting
  • Winding driveways through protected nature curtains
  • Larger acreage and sense of privacy
  • Living in harmony with nature
  • Architecture that respects natural environment
  • Groomed walking, biking, and horseback trails
  • Town amenities just a quick bike ride or golf cart ride away
  • Back porch views of marshes, rivers, lakes, golf, horse pastures, or pristine maritime forests

Shared Benefits

Whether you ultimately decide to make your home in town or in the country, living in Palmetto Bluff offers many benefits—especially for those craving strong community ties and a vibrant social life! Those who live in town always have the ability to escape to nature for a walk or bike ride, while the conveniences and community interaction of town are just a short golf cart ride away for country residents. Rest assured that everything comprising the Palmetto Bluff lifestyle will be at your fingertips no matter where you choose to live!

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