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The goal when putting your home on the market is to create buzz and generate interest, and when you work with the Ussery Group, figuring out how to accomplish this doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders. Today, we’re sharing five ways our team works to turn Lowcountry listings into must-have homes. Read on to learn how the Ussery Group sets you up for success when representing your home in the marketplace.


First, a potential buyer must be able to see their lives taking place in your home. This means removing anything that’s overly specific to your family or that gives your home a cluttered appearance. You don’t have to remove every trace of life from your home, but there are some things you can do to make it more universally appealing. Start by putting away as many personal family photos as possible, as this can cause potential buyers to feel like they’re in someone else’s home, rather than their future home. Next up: stowing away kitchen appliances that clutter the counters, minimizing knick knacks, and making sure all houseplants are thriving.


The next step toward making your home a must-have acquisition is staging. Professional home staging involves curating your home to emphasize its strengths, which ensures potential buyers will be able to picture themselves in your space. At the Ussery Group, we work with incredibly talented interior design professionals who are ready to highlight the unique and wonderful aspects of your home, and minimize areas that might pose challenges or raise objections. It’s important for a potential buyer to be able to imagine where they will put their furniture, what new pieces they could bring into the space, and what their daily lives could look like as the new owner of your property. Even if you have an eye for decor, we don’t recommend staging your home yourself as it’s difficult to evaluate your living space objectively. Let our experts remove all the guesswork for you—as a result, you’ll enjoy maximum interest in your listing as soon as it goes live on the MLS!


Photographs are an absolute make-or-break when it comes to creating buzz for a listing. Bad real estate photos can sell your home short by making it look smaller or less appealing than it is in real life. Great real estate photos, on the other hand, capture the details of your home and showcase all that it has to offer both in form and in function. We exclusively work with top-notch professional real estate photographers to ensure your home is shown to its best advantage both inside and out.


Quality home videography has become a major asset in the real estate industry, as it invites potential buyers to tour your home from the comfort of theirs. This has the potential to increase your reach, and ensures your home is considered by as many candidates as possible. Video also provides an excellent peek into the flow and feel of your house, which can be difficult to capture in photos. Drone footage provides an incredibly unique perspective on a property, and highlights lot size and layout. The Ussery Group partners with the Lowcountry’s most talented real estate videographers to create highlight reels for our listings, which we then showcase on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other media platforms for maximum exposure.


None of the steps above will make as much of a difference as exposing your home to a network of qualified buyers. The only way to truly make sure your home is sold for the best possible value is to generate interest among the right pool of buyers. The Ussery Group is proud of the vast network of relationships we’ve cultivated over the years, and we are certain there is a wonderful candidate waiting to be shown your home.

“I retained the Ussery Group after careful study of real estate firms in the area and concluded that their team produced the best results and offered the highest level of service. I was not disappointed. Johnny, Jeff and Terri were always available and were the most helpful team I have ever worked with in helping to close my sale quickly and efficiently. They are highly professional and have the deep network needed to match sellers and buyers. Simply put, they are the best in our market!” -Craig Foley (Zillow)

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Our team would love to take the stress and guesswork associated with generating buzz for your listing off your shoulders. With over 100 years of combined experience in Lowcountry real estate, the Ussery Group is well-equipped to guide you on your selling journey and bring as many qualified buyers to the door as possible. Please contact us today to discuss the ways we can help make your home a hit!