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Here at the Ussery Group, communicating the value of your home is our top priority. In order to market your home effectively, we implement several methods to optimize your property listing. From staging and photography to showings, our team works hard to get you the best possible return on your investment.

Home Staging

Home staging is one of the most important methods to increase your home sale price as it affects the overall appearance of your home to potential buyers. This can include everything from improving curb appeal, organizing closets and cupboards, selecting and staging temporary furniture pieces, removing personal items such as family photos or knick-knacks, and making small repairs. Home staging can attract more potential buyers to your property, positively impact the overall sale price, and potentially speed up negotiations and lead times. Many times simply preparing your home for showings will prompt prospective buyers to make an offer right then and there. Staged homes are also much more likely to draw in prospective buyers who might not have otherwise been interested. Here at The Ussery Group, we strongly believe that proper staging of your home will always improve its chances of being sold fast and at a higher value.

Twilight Photography

There’s nothing better than the Lowcountry during the sunset hour, and it just so happens that this is also the perfect time of day to highlight your home’s landscape, lighting, and architectural details. Twilight photography highlights the beauty of your property at night, producing images with a charming blend of warm lights and rich colors to attract potential buyers and show off your home’s allure against the natural backdrop of our famous coastal sunsets. With high-quality twilight images, buyers will find it easy to imagine themselves living and thriving in their new Lowcountry home!

Drone Photography

Drone photography is one of the ways in which you can show off your property and boost its sales potential. Because they offer unique aerial perspectives, drone images can boost the overall allure of a listing when compared to one that only offers traditional exterior photos. With these unlocked perspectives, we are able to help our clients showcase every feature of a property–from manicured lawns and gardens to the natural beauty of the surrounding neighborhood and landscape. We focus on lighting, dynamic angles, and compelling use of color with the aim of producing photographs that stand out from competitors’ listings. By incorporating drone photography, prospective buyers get an even clearer idea of everything your property has to offer.

Professional Photography

Buyers make snap judgments about homes—and how much they should pay for them—in just seconds. In fact, most people decide within a matter of moments whether or not they’re interested in a property. Having impressive photos can be exactly what convinces buyers that your house is a great investment, and it’s a major factor in getting top-dollar for it. We provide professional photos that showcase every angle and detail of the interior of your home so that potential buyers fall in love with your listing before ever setting foot inside. Through outstanding images that highlight the best qualities and features of a home listing, we are able to help our clients sell their properties faster and at higher prices.

Social Media and Newsletters

Social media is a great tool to showcase your property. When your home is ready for showings, we then post it to our Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to maximize exposure. We also make use of our email newsletter, which goes out monthly in our area and highlights new listings. This focused outreach helps us spread awareness about your home listing to local buyers online, increasing your pool of potential buyers and providing options to sell at the highest price possible. Our reach on social media is constantly growing, and we use this influence to ensure that our clients’ properties get as much exposure as possible through as many marketing channels as it takes to achieve a successful transaction!

We know that selling your home has the potential to be a stressful and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. At The Ussery Group, we have the experience necessary to effectively list a property in the Lowcountry and maximize its sale price, and we look forward to putting all of our knowledge and experience into action for you! Contact us today to get started.