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Hoping to make a great first impression on guests this holiday season? A beautiful entryway is the natural place to start. We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to combine form and function in your home’s entryway to ensure a fashionable entrance for every occasion.

Start Outside

With the right focus on your exteriors, the entrance to your home becomes a delightful experience. Outfit your front porch with furniture that invites respite. Whether a pair of comfy chairs or a plush outdoor swing, showcasing your hospitality outside will make receptions warmer inside too.

Opt for exterior fixtures and lighting that mirror your interior aesthetic. Matching sconces on either side of your front door are a wonderful way to make your threshold glow. Extend the symmetry to your landscaping by lining your walkway with well-balanced flora or using matching planters on both sides of your front steps.

To create a universally welcoming entryway, start outdoors. A beautiful walkway and well-appointed front porch will help your home exude friendliness and warmth to naturally draw visitors in.

A Beautiful Door

Create a fabulous focal point for your home’s entry with a unique front door. Choose a gorgeous stain or vibrant paint to add drama to your threshold. A honey-stained door will pop against bright interior walls and has the potential to add tons of curb appeal, while a darker stain is an excellent way to add elegant contrast to your entry.

To add year-round festivity to your abode, dress your front door with seasonal wreaths. Regularly changing up your front door’s decor will provide guests with a dynamic welcome every time.

Furnish With Purpose

The entryway of your home is high-traffic by nature. With all of the comings and goings that take place on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to keep functionality at the forefront of your foyer.

As you create your perfect entryway, keep practicality in mind by adding decor details with intention. An umbrella stand next to the front door, for instance, will make rainy days just a bit less gray.

The right table will add allure and function as a catchall for keys and mail. In a large foyer, consider a pedestal table as a beautiful way to welcome guests. A smaller console provides the same charm and convenience if you find yourself strapped for space.

Providing seating options in the entryway is another way to make guests feel at home. Depending on the size of your space, a plush armchair or cushioned storage benches are wonderful ways to be mindful of your visitors’ comfort from the moment they arrive.

Decorate With Your Favorites

Add personality to the entrance hall with a gallery wall, or place some of your most treasured trinkets atop a console table. Because entryways are often so well-trodden, the foyer of your home is an optimal place to put your most-loved decor on display.

Whether it’s a rug or runner you love, or custom art you can’t wait to show off, choosing to outfit your entry with your favorite pieces is a wonderful way to convey your taste from the moment guests step foot inside your home.

Define Your Space

In an open concept home, it’s important to define your living spaces. The entryway is the perfect place to start. Think about different vantage points as you cross your threshold to make sure that every area is established and every path is clear from the get-go.


If your floor plan is open, consider leaving the entryway open too. This helps create a natural flow throughout your living spaces. Use decor like rugs, sofa tables, and art to guide guests toward appropriate areas of your home upon their arrival.

Consider Every Context

Don’t forget to consider options that may make your own life in the Lowcountry easier. A separate owner’s entry is a fantastic way to create effortless entrances and exits for every member of the family. Hooks can help keep outerwear organized while a built-in bench is a perfect place to remove rain boots and keep indoor puddles at bay.

With plenty of storage and finishes that deter messes from spreading, it’s no wonder that a well-designed mudroom is one of the most sought-after features in Palmetto Bluff homes. Take heed of your current lifestyle to help cultivate an owner’s entry that will meet the needs of everyone in your household.

We’d be honored to help you find the perfect home to meet your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and start your search for the ideal Lowcountry abode…both for you AND your guests!