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Johnny Ussery, Keene Reese, Thomas Maybank, and Michael Haire

This summer marked a tremendous season of growth for our real estate agency as we welcomed Thomas Maybank, Michael Haire, and Keene Reese to The Ussery Group! We’ve always been deeply rooted in Palmetto Bluff, and that’s not just because of our long history of referring buyers to the area—it also happens to be the place our founder Johnny Ussery and his wife, Genie, call home. With Thomas, Michael, and Keene aboard, we’re thrilled to announce that our connection to Palmetto Bluff has grown even stronger!

Thomas, Michael, and Keene comprise The Ussery Group’s Palmetto Bluff team—all three men are primarily focused on Palmetto Bluff real estate transactions. Having previously worked within the Palmetto Bluff Developer Real Estate office, their experience in the community is unrivaled. Collectively, they share more than 40 years of on-site sales experience and have produced over $500,000,000 in sales in Palmetto Bluff alone.

“At this stage of Palmetto Bluff, we felt it was of the utmost importance to serve our members,” shares Keene of the team’s decision to transition from the Palmetto Bluff Developer Office to The Ussery Group. “Through The Ussery Group and Charter One Realty, we’re able to make the Palmetto Bluff community, membership, and resale market our number one priority.”

Working with the The Ussery Group to purchase a home or homesite in Palmetto Bluff is just the beginning. Our full-service commitment includes introductions to builders, architects, landscapers, and other vetted professionals who will ensure your transition to the Lowcountry is as seamless as possible. From our entire team to your family, we look forward to welcoming you home!

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Get to know the Palmetto Bluff team on a more personal level

Michael Haire and his wife, Sonya, have lived in Palmetto Bluff for their entire marriage—12 years and counting! Their home was one of the first to be completed within the May River Forest, and they’ve been hosting new arrivals to the community ever since. As a member of Palmetto Bluff’s original sales team in 2002, Michael experienced first-hand the work that Jim Mozley and Dave Howerton put into laying the foundation for all that Palmetto Bluff represents today.

Speaking of 2002, that’s also the first year that Thomas Maybank first started coming to Palmetto Bluff. The Union Camp Lodge was still in existence at the time, and was located where the Montage Palmetto Bluff cottages are now. As the owner of a fishing charter business, Thomas would take Crescent Resources executives out on the May River and also assisted with early photo shoots and advertising for the community before transitioning into real estate sales.

Now that we’ve mentioned Crescent Resources, it’s worth noting that Keene Reese was the second person ever hired at Palmetto Bluff! He got his start in the community after connecting with Jim Mozley, who hired him as a project manager on the development team. Through this position he delved into archaeology delineation, permitting, conservation, and beyond before transitioning back into his prior career as a real estate agent. To date, he has transacted close to $180,000,000 in business in Palmetto Bluff.

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If you’re looking for an expert agent to guide you through the process of buying or listing a home in Palmetto Bluff, look no further than The Ussery Group’s Palmetto Bluff team. Keene, Michael, and Thomas are passionate about the Palmetto Bluff community and lifestyle, and look forward to assisting you!

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